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Why this test automation school?

Over the last decade, I have worked for many clients, helping them succeed with test automation. After many conversations, I noticed they all struggle with information being scattered all over the internet and that it can take hours or days to find what they are looking for. Also, many tutorials and even paid courses can be outdated or surrounded by advertisements; sometimes, you even walk into a sales trap. Some of the tutorials or courses have not been touched for years. Tools and programming languages evolve! Outdated information might not be the best solution anymore!

The above observations have motivated me to start a test automation school. All course materials, source code, exercises, solutions, and tips&tricks are up-to-date! Upon joining, you get access to private repositories, a (modern) sample application, and a private community.

This test automation school has the following roadmap:

  1. Mastering general techniques, such as CSS, XPath, Regex, and JSONPath
  2. Different courses about API test automation
  3. Different courses about website test automation
  4. Different courses about performance testing
  5. To be discussed